Fun in the Sun

Not all of these miles are gruelling. On Sunday I had day in the sunshine with my littlest squishies. We went into Yeovil for some retail therapy (mainly to stock on my growing little ladies summer wardrobe) and got that step fount up.

After a quick lunch at home, we were off to the park. A nice walk down there, Little man didn’t moan once which was novel. Then we went for a run around the field, there is just something about being in the sun, listening to children enjoying themselves and laughing. There was a moment when the squishies were in their own little world playing a game of chase (and for once little man wasnt trying to push his sister over), and i just got to sit there, watching them and contemplating life in general. Mainly contemplating how life would be if mum was still here.

I know it sounds depressing to think like that, but sometimes its nice to think mum will just walk in the door and have a coffee and a chat. I often wonder what she would think of the kids, the new house, my music school, life in general. I know she would be proud of me. I know she would love my kids, and they would love her. My mum was amazing with kids, she was patient, kind, fun, and kids just adored her. She was an amazing mum, and she was so happy to be a Granny (GG) to her only grandchild at the time, and was soooo looking forward to having more grandchildren. Infact she now has 9.

Every step i take on this journey is rasing money so research into Brain tumours can stop others from missing out on having their loved ones around, and give every single person diagnosed the very best chance of survival.

Give your family an extra cuddle tonight. I cherish every single day i have with mine (even the ones where i want to tear my hair out and scream).


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