Who is Hezzie

Hezzie is my Mum. She cannot be explained simply. She was a wonderful Mum, an amazing friend, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, daughter…… She is very much missed.

This blog is very much about my feelings and thoughts about Mum and how I have been coping with losing her. Its about my journey so far and my journey through 1000 miles of walking her challenge.

Hezzie was one of a kind (was or is? it is still difficult to know if you say was or is). She was my best friend, my moaning partner, at times my colleague, my partner in crime. I spoke to her every day.. and i miss her more than I ever thought possible. When someone is that much a part of your every day life it becomes a huge hole when they go.

On 12th September 2013, Mum was sent to hospital having suffered a suspected stroke. After a few tests and a CT and MRI scan, just hours after being admitted, myself and my brothers and sisters were told Mum had a brain tumour. A glioblamstoma Multiforme to be precise. At the time we had no idea what that was or how much those words would be forever engraved in our minds.

Although Mum remained positive, we had googled the type of tumour and found out what she was up against. Without wanting to mince my words, it was a death sentence. The survival rate was poor but as i was getting married in November Mum was determined to be there.

Sadly this was not meant to be. Mum died exactly 2 weeks later on 26th September 2013. Her tumour was too aggressive and it haemorrhaged. She passed away peacefully.

This challenge is to raise much needed money to fund research so that tumours can be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Mum is an amazing lady and I miss her every minute of every day. I would give anything to have her back. But as that is not possible, inher place i will settle for helping where i can to save others from the loss of a loved one. My challenge is a drop in the ocean and I will continue with more fundraising in the future.


Thank you for reading.



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