What challenge?

Welcome to my blog.

It seems funny to welcome people when you don’t know if there are any people actually reading this. Well, this is my introduction to explain the answer to the following questions. What is the challenge? why am i doing it? how am i doing it?  what does it mean to me?

So here goes..

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to walk/run/trot/crawl 1000 miles between 1st March and 31st Decemberto raise money for the brain tumour charity.

Why am I doing this?

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. Over 10,600 people are diagnosed each year with a primary brain tumour – that’s 29 people every day. … Less than 2% of the £498 million invested in cancer research funding in the UK in 2014 was spent on brain tumours.


These are scary statistics. My Mum was one of those 29 people and she died exactly 14 days after being diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 brain tumour in 2013. The brain tumour charity pour money into important research to blow these statistics out of the water. Every single penny raised will go towards funding important research to combat brain cancer. For example, accordion to the studies, 1 research centre costs around £3000 per day to run. So my £1000 target would only keep 1 centre going until tea break. 


How am i doing it?


Well, i am quite simply staying on my feet as much as possible. The target is 3.3 miles per day. However, needing to allow for moving house, illness etc….. this can easily get behind. I now have a fitbit which means when it is raining, or the kids are sick, i pace the house for hours to get the milage counter up. I am one month in and just over 100 miles down. 

 I plan to have a group sponsored walk in the morning on 31st december ending at a pub for a raffle and of course drinks and mince pies. This will be a great way to end the challenge and hopefully get the last few miles done.  (details to follow).


What does this mean to me??


Well actually this section is more about what this might mean to others really. There is nothing i can do to bring Mum back. But what i can do is raise as much money as i can to help fund the research to stop others feeling the pain of losing someone. When mum was diagnosed we felt hopeless. I have seen first hand how research and experimental trials provide hope for families (future blog to follow) so every penny really helps. 


Well i have taken up enough space on the interweb.


Thank you for reading




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